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Peat mixtures

 To purchase peat mixtures certified in state laboratories means to buy high-quality, environmentally friendly organic substances with unique fertile properties.

 Peat mixtures are made on the basis of lowland peat by mixing the latter with sand, loam and other components in different proportions.  The method of application is similar to the method of application of lowland peat.  The choice of the mixture is based on the existing soil conditions on the site.  So for clay soils use a peat-sand mixture, for sandy peat-loamy.

Produced peat mixtures are an excellent tool for:
 - Formation of soil structure: the application of peat is the best way to improve soil characteristics: porosity, density, air capacity, water capacity, microbiological and nutritional status of soils.

 - Improving soil fertility: the organic and mineral constituents in the peat mixture positively affect yield.  The peat mixture introduced into the soil gradually gives away the nutrients it contains, making them available to plants and microorganisms.  At the same time, having a high absorption capacity, peat mixtures prevent leaching of plant nutrients by atmospheric precipitation.

 - Soil recovery: prevents the accumulation of heavy metals and other harmful substances in the crop, weakens the effects of pesticides entering the soil.

 These unique properties are due to the fact that peat mixtures contain special proportions:
 - peat
 - lowland peat
 - lime
 - bottom sand (sapropel)
 Such a composition of peat mixtures forms an environmentally friendly organic substance with unique fertile properties.

 Peat mixtures improve the soil due to its composition and have the following properties:
 - save water
 - Ventilate heavy clay soils
 - Bind sandy soils
 - Reduce leaching
 - protect the soil
 - Improve compost quality
 - Emit CO2, which is very important when growing plants in greenhouses.

 On the issue of buying peat mixes at retail or in bulk, call our contact numbers.

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